Friday, December 31, 2004

A Little Good News

Time for a little good news. It's a good article, except for that last sentence...

Thursday, December 30, 2004


I entered the name "hatless in hattiesburg" on an automatic anagram generation page. It gave literally thousands of results - but a lot of them contained coarse language. Here are some of the better clean ones, to which I added a brief possible explanation/scenario/definition:
  • HEATABLE STRINGS HIT US - cause for ultralight aircraft crash
  • STUN HIS TREATABLE SIGH - harsh medical treatment
  • TUT HISSES ALGEBRA HINT - cheating pharaoh
  • HE TUGS STAINABLE SHIRT - scene from slacker movie
  • SING US THREE TABLA HITS - bombay karaoke request
  • SLUSH IN EGRETS HABITAT - environmentalist nightmare
  • SETTLERS BANISH AI THUG - matrix in the old west
  • REESTABLISH TITAN HUGS - obscure protest slogan
  • THE SLIER THUG ABSTAINS - zen and the art of burglary
  • HAIL TUBE STRAIGHTNESS - kudos for excellence in pipe manufacture
  • IRISH ATHLETES STUN BAG - soccer incident
  • ISIS GATHERS HUN TABLETS - scene from stargate sequel
  • GAUSSIAN BETHEL THIRST - surreal band name
  • HEARTLESS BATHING SUIT - dieter's fear


The Y.A.C.H. acronym stands for Yet Another Computer Hijacking.

The term became necessary because (drum roll please) my computer was hijacked YET AGAIN!!! It can become tiresome to keep typing out "Guess what? My computer was hijacked yet again", so now I can just title an entry with YACH!, and you'll know that (moviepreviewvoice) in a world of cyberthugs... a new chapter has been added... in the story of one man... in his ongoing struggle... to try to maintain control... of his own computer... (\moviepreviewvoice)

This time the hijackers are my former ISP - or more accurately, the faceless corporation that bought out the faceless corporation that bought out my original ISP. I discontinued service with them to switch to SBC* DSL. Now, on about one page out of ten, the content that I wanted to see is replaced by a warning which says I need to change my DNS settings to make sure that I can still use the service that I CANCELLED OVER A YEAR AGO.


* SBC has been wonderful. They have that rare winning combination of having both good customer service and a good product.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

good news

it seems that the war on drugs is having some effect. as i've been traveling, most towns have a sign near the city limits which reads "reduced speed ahead"...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Last-Minute Gift Idea

If you just can't think of the perfect gift for someone, consider getting them a FREE promo Hatless in Hattiesburg desktop wallpaper image! They're an especially good gift idea if you're on a tight budget.

The Real Che

"Inside every rebel, there’s a tyrant trying to get out."

not a happy thought...

Are any of these things named Wormwood?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

light holiday posting

As with many blogs, there probably won't be much new here until 2005.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

cool idea

Why would a Flying Space Monkey care how we mere mortals could get into space?

Monday, December 20, 2004

Migration of Waterfowl

After a somewhat circuitous migration, it looks like the Rightwing Duck has finally settled into a new nest. Even though there's still some remodeling going on, I'm sure visitors are welcome.

You know what's cool?

1) New and improved resealable strips on frozen food bags, which are designed to tear away from the bag upon opening..

2) Migrating office supplies.

3) Metamorphosizing desserts in tv dinners:
a) chocolate brownies that change into armor plating when microwaved.
b) pudding that crawls up the sides of its compartment to invade the other sections.

5) When you cut your finger on a piece of porcelain that broke off the lid of the commode because you set it in a place which was rather precarious when you had to replace the float in the commode tank that you broke because you were trying to adjust it without realizing that it was fragile because of age, shoddy design, and the effects of long term exposure to hard water that tastes and smells funny and makes you wonder what was in it when you were rinsing off a cut finger in it.

8) Run-on sentences.

9) Houses designed with no electrical outlet in the only wall that will fit the entertainment center.

6) Poorly numbered lists.

7) Ancient rustbucket Volkswagen microbuses, with underinflated tires and covered in hippie bumperstickers, that belch more smoke and leak more oil in a block than my car does in a month. We'll probably have to drill in ANWR because of their waste. (NO OIL FOR HIPPIES!!!)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

What is it, exactly, that we celebrate?

Christmas has a "meaning that's a bit more worth celebrating... than that Santa was able to cajole Rudolph into guiding his sleigh onto every rooftop before dawn."

Friday, December 17, 2004

Free Desktop Images

There's a new link on the right for the page of Hatless in Hattiesburg's free desktop images. Take a look, download your favorites, and tell your friends.

(lamest. ad. copy. ever.)

New Math Reporting

33 = 170,000

holiday reading

Here's a heartwarming holiday anitrevisionist tale.

What's the frequency, Kofi?

Go read "Annan Would 'Like to Break' UN Scandal Story" by Scott Ott. Heeheehee.

The Trees

"and the trees will be kept equal, by hatchet, axe, and saw".

if this is true, there will be unrest in the forest.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

shopping can be fun!

...for others. i'm not too fond of it, though.

(yes, i'm rambling)

yesterday i went to the mall. i was under the impression that malls were supposed to have a variety of stores under one roof - apparently that means a variety of clothing stores, with just a few extra places with overpriced bric-a-brac that nobody i know would want.

i was looking for toys for a two-year-old. the department stores no longer sell toys, or they are keeping them well hidden. there was one toy store in the mall. kaybee. (is it against the law for them to have stores not in a mall? maybe it's part of the wright amendment...) anyway, they had some cute stuff, most of them for ages 3 and up.

3 is larger than 2.

of the under-three toys, none of them seemed "right" for this two-year-old. the toddler already has plenty of stuffed animals and bath toys. then i remembered someone mentioning duplo - lego's double sized building blocks for smaller kids. that particular kaybee location had lots of knockoffs, but only one duplo kit, a giraffe, and its box was bent.

no sale. but now i knew what i was looking for.

i left the store trying to remember where the closest toys 'r us location was. then i saw their logo on a billboard. what luck! wait a minute - it's an ad for the toys 'r us aisle at albertsons. argh.

i gave up and went to walmart, where i found several duplo brand building sets for about half of what i was expecting to pay. so i bought two.

i also bought a few other things (it's true that you always buy more than you planned at walmart, even for an antishopper like me), including some little red bows for the packages. i set them on the top of the pile in the cart so they wouldn't get crushed, but (unexpectedly) where they would blow off into the lane directly in front of a speeding cadillac, with comedic timing worthy of a laverne and shirley episode.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Go Read...

I'm offended too, but remember, the ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberty Usurpers) won't help us. (link via Flying Space Monkey)
Hugh Hewitt makes many good points in this article - here is one of the best,
The January 30 elections are hugely important to the entire region, and when you hear domestic political opponents of George W. Bush urge the delay of the elections or minimize their importance, make a note that you have identified a dangerous fool.

"Gosh, that's a tough one, Buffalo Bob!"
Profane, but still true.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Desktop Design Update

Free promo H.I.H. desktops should be available by the end of the week, with many thanks to Mish Mash, who has graciously donated hosting space for the images.

Current plans are to have four designs to choose from at first, then add new ones on a regular schedule starting in 2005 (i.e. after the holidays).

Friday, December 10, 2004


I've seen it, and I still not sure I believe it - A C130 landing on an aircraft carrier! (link from I Love Jet Noise)

Post-Election Democrat Strategy

The American Spectator has this to say about the Democrats' post-election strategy"

They usually end up saying in one form or another: we need to fool people better. At some level they know that the problem the party faces is not that the American people don't understand their positions but that they understand them too well. So what options are they left with?...

When the Democrats say something is "un-American," they usually mean something very American that they don't want in America anymore. Very reasonable American expectations fortified by history and custom, such as placing crosses and creches in public places, are suddenly declared "un-American" when what the Democrats really mean is un-European. Under this twisted thinking, even America's founding documents are "un-American."

Read the whole thing.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Desktop Designs

Would you fine folk like some free promo desktop images? I'm considering the possibility of designing and uploading them somewhere. If you do:

1) What size would you prefer - 640x480, 1600x1200, or somewhere in between?

2) Do you have any favorite colors? Least favorite?

3) Where is the best/easiest free place to host images? I have Hello from Picasa for this blog, but don't want to take up space posting directly here.

Please comment.

A better take on Alexander

My previous article about Oliver Stone's reinterpretation of Alexander was not serious, but Bruce Thornton at VDH wrote a much better article which examines that movies' specific problems.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Via Yahoo News, NASA's Longest-Serving Astronaut to Retire.
John W. Young, 74, announced Tuesday his plans to leave the space agency on Dec. 31. He was the first human to fly in space six times and the only astronaut to pilot four different spacecraft. He flew in the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs.

NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe said "He's never sought fame and often goes out of his way to avoid the limelight", but he certainly does deserve some, especially in contrast to some of the overexposed hollywood "stars" these days.

Smart Kid

According to Billie Mercer of the Coleman News, Zeke Adams is a very smart young man...

(this news report has been edited for content, to run in the time alloted, and to fit in your screen)

During the presidential debates between President George Bush and John Kerry, Zeke was listening very carefully. He told his mother, “I do not like John Kerry.” His mother just laughed it off, but Zeke proceeded to write a letter to Pres. Bush which said, “Dear Mr. President, We do not like Mr. John Kerry. Will you pop him in the nose? (emphasis mine) We hope you win the election. You are the best president. Mr. John Kerry is not the best. The End!” The letter was sent on Oct. 26.

After the election, Zeke received a letter from the President, dated Nov. 10, which said “Dear Zeke, Thank you for your kind words of support. I am honored to have the responsibility of serving as President of this great country. You also have an important responsibility to become a good citizen. I encourage you to study hard, make the right choices and help others. By setting high standards you can achieve your dreams. Mrs. Bush joins me in sending our best wishes. May God bless you and may God continue to bless America. Sincerely, George Bush.” The letter also included an autographed picture of George and Laura Bush. Zeke wrote a thank-you letter on Nov. 20.

Although it would have been cool to see George Bush pop John Kerry in the nose, the election results are more than satisfactory.

Wizbang Resolution 1441

...shorter than the typical UN resolution, and even less effective, Wizbang has this suggestion for a blogger code of ethics (summarized):

1) A blogger must be honest.
A) Every piece should a sincere expression of how the blogger perceives the facts to be, and all opinions should be heartfelt.
B) A blogger should not put forth themselves as an expert on any given field unless prepared to back up such claims with proof.
C) A blogger should not attempt to "hide" mistakes.
D) A blogger should give credit where credit is due.
2) A blogger must be accurate.
3) A blogger must be interesting.
4) A blogger must always put forth their best efforts.
5) A blogger must be responsible.

Let me begin by saying that I generally like Wizbang, and harbor no ill will to the writer(s?) personally. I have no problem with the points in and of themselves; I generally try to adhere to them on this blog and in real life. I have no problem with any blogger who CHOOSES to subscribe to that set of rules (or any other) on their own blog. But...

I have a HUGE problem with being FORCED to limit my speech on MY OWN BLOG. At best, that set of rules would only add "blogging correctness" on top of "political correctness". At worst, it would kill the blogosphere as we now know it, and replace it with a new-media elite telling us what to think.

Besides, who would enforce it? The Mafia? The UN? The Ministry of Truth?

In the comments, opine6 says, "Part of the appeal of the blogosphere is the wide open, anything goes, say what you want, aspect of it. The readers can pretty much sort out who is a straight-shooter and who is not."

UPDATE: Here's my newer take on the same subject.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Frank J. Imao says that "seeing unfrequently asked questions would be more interesting", but does not state what it would be more interesting than. There is quite a range of possibilities, as low as watching rocks erode up to watching Aquaman beat Mikey Moore in a lightsaber fight. Nevertheless, a list of "unfrequently asked questions" does give me some ideas...

(Since the question "Why did Frank use the silly made-up word, 'unfrequently', instead of the correct word, 'infrequently'?" is likely to be asked frequently, I will not include it in my list.)

  • Does paper spoil when it is not refrigerated?
  • Should I make these fifty scorpions stop biting me?
  • Can you please charge me more for that?
  • Would you like to try our value meal, Mr. Kerry?
  • Will I notice it if I stop breathing?
  • When will the trombones swim to Schenectady?
  • Do these documents look fake to you, Ms. Mapes?
  • What is the difference between a lunar eclipse and a Peruvian spotted mountain gecko?
  • Do you have racing slicks for a Yugo in stock?
  • Will Roseanne be singing the National Anthem at tonight's game?
  • What's that bright thing rising in the east?
  • Is 'Alexander' sold out again?
  • Does spaghetti purr when you pet it?
  • How do you spell "a"?

Feel free to add your own questions in the comments...

weather report

Our weatherman just reported that we would not have any rain for the rest of the week because the last storm front "removed all of the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico".

That is quite remarkable! Now Houston and New Orleans are a few hundred miles inland of a new, as yet unnamed desert. I am surprised that such an environmental catastrophe was not mentioned in the rest of the newscast.

Monday, December 06, 2004

massively unscientific poll

I have been thinking about the amount of additions/updates to do to my blogroll. I assume most people who read blogs know who the major bloggers are, and have them bookmarked or can find them easily. Therefore, I try to keep my list relatively small and quality-checked, rather than a huge list of any sites I ever found remotely interesting. I like to think of it as a neghborhood map rather than a country map. (Besides, I don't know how to code those auto-updating blogrolls like the one at Scrappleface.)

So here is my question: Should I keep my link list smaller, or drastically expand it? Please comment.

Firefox Fixed It!

at least for now, my wacky slow computer seems to not be plagued with the data-mining spyware that glommed onto m$ internet exploder. perhaps having a functional browser will inspire me to post more often? stay tuned...


Lately, I've been having dejavu from the future. Like, I'll be in the middle of something, and all of a sudden I realize - hey - I've never done this before!

Like Keanu says in all his movies, "whoa!"


Friday, December 03, 2004

If Compassion Is Not Tempered With Reason...

... It Can Be A Destructive Force.

doorknob ankle cold

This is stoooooopid funny. If you let it, the song will keep playing over and over and over and over and llama and over and over and duck and over...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Even better than usual

Scrappleface's Scott Ott outdoes himself with "CBS Mulls Reality TV Newscast"

  • What if the news itself were the star of the show, rather than the newscasters?
  • What if the length of the newscast were determined daily by the volume and significance of the news?
  • What if we reported on the important stuff even if we didn't have any b-roll video to illustrate it?
  • What if reporters spent the first 20 seconds of every story admitting their preconceived ideas, biases and opinions on the subject?
  • What if we didn't care about who wins the ratings war, but only about the accuracy, fairness and relevance of our reporting?