Thursday, November 19, 2015

logic was never their strong suit

This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook with over 300K likes and 400K shares:

The leftist hivemind thinks this proves their point that we should blindly open our borders to anyone, in this case Syrian refugees. This from the same leftist hivemind that believes Europeans coming to North America was one of the worst events in human history. I would ask them if they were wrong then or wrong now, but the kind of useful idiots that fall for this kind of cheap sloganeering are incapable of seeing past their brainwashing.


For the record, I am very much FOR allowing immigrants to LEGALLY come here to ESCAPE unbearable situations, and am very much against BOTH the lawless fifth-column hordes (foreign and domestic) bent on destroying America AND the jingoistic amoral xenophobia of its opposition party.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Walsh, again, read it all:
"Abortion doctors kill more black people in a week than the KKK has in the past century. There are almost 2,000 black lives ended by abortion every single day in the United States, and overall, a black baby is more than 5 times as likely to be executed as a white baby. Try to reflect on this statistic: abortion kills more black people than heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and respiratory illness — COMBINED. Throw cops in there, too, and it’s still not close. Comparing just the two causes of death, it appears that abortionists kill about 700 times more black people than do cops...

...In New York, a black child is more likely to be aborted than born... In the country’s biggest city, there are more black children discarded in waste buckets and toilets than there are placed in nurseries at the maternity ward.

And cops are the ones dehumanizing black people?

Hundreds of white abortion doctors have become millionaires by killing black babies. Moreover, the abortionist murders black children and never faces so much as a grand jury proceeding. No, all he gets is a fat paycheck and a ‘God bless you’ from Barack Obama.

Black teens are sometimes shot by police when they fall into a life of violence and crime. But black infants are dismembered, decapitated, and poisoned just for falling into life in the first place.

Now let’s take this deeper. As horrific as Planned Parenthood’s ethnic cleansing is, the full story is much bigger. Side note: please don’t take my ethnic cleansing remark to mean that Planned Parenthood is attempting to wipe out the black race for the sake of quenching their racist urges. I don’t believe that for a moment. They’re just wiping out the black race for the sake of making a quick buck. This is a holocaust for profit, which makes abortionists like Nazis, but in some ways worse."

skip the title

"It’s time for a competent and honest adult of either gender to be president."
"The presidency is a job that requires action. When those actions are performed ineptly or dishonestly, bad things happen. The president is not a figurehead or a cheerleader. He (or she) has to do things. And now, after a long succession of presidents who immensely expanded the powers of the executive branch, it’s also important for the president to know when not to do things.

In the end, what matters is what has been done or not done, and for what reason those things were done or not done. If bad things were done for bad reasons, it’s not going to matter, in any practical sense, whether they were done by a man, a woman, a transgender eunuch, a goat, a walnut, or a dyslexic alien from planet Xenu.

Barack Obama just illustrated this dynamic quite explicitly, which was very helpful of him.

We were told it was “time” for a black president, and many black people voted for him for that reason alone. But then their median household incomes dropped precipitously, their unemployment rate didn’t, and their poverty rate went higher. I think they would agree that it isn’t, in fact, a better sort of poverty or a more palatable sort of unemployment because it happened under the reign of a black man. It still sucks, frankly. Just like it did before, or worse.

As it turns out, we elect presidents to get results, not to be demographical mascots. And if they don’t get results, or if the results are poor, their physical characteristics will not blunt the impact nor dull the sting of their monumental failures.

So, “time for a woman”? What does that mean? Would you apply it to any other area of your life? Do you have a checklist on your fridge of the races and genders of the plumbers, electricians, pediatricians, landscapers, and dermatologists you’ve used over the years, so that when you need one you can make a selection based on a rotation of sexual organs and pigment shades? “Hmmm. Need someone to come install wiring in our new addition. Whose turn is it? Let’s see, looks like it’s time for a Chinese person with a penis.”

Is that how you conduct yourself in your daily life? Of course not. You might want universities to admit people and countries to elect people based on affirmative action, but in your actual life, when push comes to shove, you always go with whoever you think will do the job and do it well, don’t you?"
...and his second point is even better.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

coexist, the directors cut

(If anybody knows the credit for this one please let me know and I'll add it.)