Monday, November 01, 2004

last blog-dream bit

In addition to the three blog-related dreams already posted, there is one other blog-related fragment that has occured a couple of times...

Many of my dreams include lots of driving. Although it feels like there is a reason for the travel, the resulting path usually meanders aimlessly across a city (or even several states).

Anyway, 3 or 4 times now, those dream travels have brought me to Minneapolis. Having never actually seen the place, the scenery never looks the same twice - once it even resembled the adobe style of Santa Fe NM. Each time, I find out that James Lileks is signing copies of his books at a bookstore in a mall somewhere downtown. Each time, I hear about this just as I arrive in town, and for various reasons can never get there in time - either I can't find the mall, or it closes just before I arrive, or the car has trouble.


Okay, that's all the blogdreams for now. I'll post if there are others, but I don't think I could top this one by A Little Aardvark. Has anybody else had any blog-related dreams?

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