Monday, August 08, 2005

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I had another blog-related dream last night, which was related to the IMAO podcast.

In the dream, Spacemonkey and FrankJ were auditioning me to do funny voices for the podcast. We were all in a dark recording studio, (something like this) and they were asking me about how much experience I had doing voice work. I told them I had made up funny voices for about twenty years, but didn't have any professional experience in the field. Hearing that, they rolled their eyes and gave each other an "oh-great-we're-wasting-our-time-here" look, so I knew I needed to catch their attention quickly.

Somehow I was inspired to improvise a character based on the Matrix Reloaded movie, and made up a scenario which could be called "Interview with the Replacement Architect".

Using a voice which was a comic nasal version of a cheezy east european movie villain, I said something like this:
"Ya, I are the second Architect. Ze first Architect retired six yearrrs ago, und he trrrained me before he left. He vas verrry hard to please, und it took many years of trainingk until he trrrusted me vith da operrration of da Matrix".
That got a few laughs, so I continued.
"Ven I first go to work for him, it vas alvays 'Meester Architect' dis und 'Meester Architect' dat. Only after I passed mein final test did he allow me to call him Lenny".

"Oh ya, I remember mein first assignment. Meester Architect vould not even trust me to rrrun a whole city, even a small one, so mein first assignment was to remodel a bathroom in Peoria using only my mind".
I wish I could remember more details of what I said, becase it got a lot funnier and weirder from there.

The dream ended when my one of my co-workers came in. He started acting disruptive - interrupting me, messing up the settings on the mixer, etc. - because he had already tried out for the part and lost.


update: I had no knowledge of the "Matrix" spoof produced for the MTV Movie Awards prior to this dream.


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