Wednesday, April 25, 2012

eight epsilon strikes again

if management wishes to complain about the accuracy of my work, management should learn to spell the word "accuracy" properly.

update: if management wishes to reprimand me for an action, management should not have told me to do said action in the first place.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

oh man

jack baruth via dustbury:
Forget the “war on women” you’re hearing about right now, although it may well exist. There’s been a “war on men” for the last fifty years, and it’s been more successful than any of the Middle Eastern adventurism which has burned up the lives of American men... A war against the ideas of manhood, fatherhood, responsibility, dependability. The traditional American man... has been parodied, denigrated, humiliated, ironized, written out of existence. It’s no longer pleasant or even feasible to emulate our grandfathers and their unashamedly masculine lives.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


spring training

update & bump: did instapundit reader chris fox read my post, or is the incivility of the occupy movement really that obvious?
Could we have possibly drawn a more stark comparison between the Tea Party minded and the OWS minded? We say it with Post-It notes. They say it with feces and spray paint. They made a mess of DC and Wisconsin. We cleaned it up and left it better than we found it. Oh, and we also didn’t rape or kill anyone.
i vote the latter.


The occupy movement is preparing for next season:
Associated Press

NEW YORK — Activists inspired by Occupy Wall Street are gearing up for spring training. They say they will teach thousands of people to lead nonviolent protests aimed at reinvigorating the spirit of the movement against economic inequality...

(Many people have) signed up for hundreds of sessions organized by more than 60 activist groups and the nation's largest unions...
It is quite telling that union-organized leftists require formal training to NOT be violent - so unlike the relatively rape-, assault-, and vandalism-free tea party movement. One must wonder whether leftism breeds violence or naturally-violent people are more attracted to leftism.

Friday, April 20, 2012

history lesson

Lileks nails it:
the Eurozone troubles have been fascinating to watch. The entire idea seemed like madness to me. Yoking disparate cultures together into a manufactured political union seemed unwise... A new generation may grow up thinking “I am a European!” but it’s a cotton-candy construct that dissolves upon contact with the hot water of current events...

Culture divides; history shapes; language binds. This doesn’t mean it has to result in conflict or adversarial stances, but they’re givens in human nature, and the most workable system is the one that recognizes them and accommodates them, not the one that pretends they are tissue-thin wisps of an old order that can be swept away with a shiny new broom...

It’ll probably end poorly...

Everything about the EU has always seemed like play-acting - functionaries and mandarins pretending to rule over a thing that does not exist, yet given the power to tax and regulate the people who live in their imaginary land...
read the rest, see also Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, USSR, and most any empire.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

beetles are similar to roaches :P

i just found this band "yellow dubmarine" - which i haven't heard but can't imagine them being better than "dread zeppelin"...

man that's deep

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

maybe time to invest in tar & feathers...

we can't vote "none of the above" to our two-headed monster and the nattering nabobs, and the french can't vote "le'pew!" to their medusa...

rotten spam

somebody left the container open ;)

i just received the most pathetic phishing scam spam ever. i would have copied it exactly, but had to change all the <> brackets to ^ so that it can be viewed as closely to verbatim text as i recieved it - not interpreted as html by your browser.
^html style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 90% 90%; ^moz-background-clip:

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class="editable tr-field" id=":ce" style=""^^div^
^img alt=""


Dear Customer,^br^^br^
We are currently performing regular maintenance of our security measures. Your account

has^br^been randomly selected for this maintenance, and you will now be taken through a

series of^br^identity verification pages click on the link below


^a href="http:***SPAMMINGSCUMBUCKETS***.htm"

target="_blank"^^font size="2" face="Verdana"^Verify your Paypal

account^/font^^/a^^br^^br^Protecting the security of your PayPal account is our primary

concern, and we apologize for^br^any inconvenience this may cause.^br^^br^^br^Thanks For

using Paypal^br^Management^/body^^/html^

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a new national holiday

bumped to "the day of", and added this link worth reading

Since it's been over 400 years since the probable origin of April Fools' Day, I suggest that it be replaced with:

Keynes' Fools Day 

to be enacted just as soon as America recovers from the Obama Stimulus Disaster and Depression.

 I also suggest it should be celebrated exactly two weeks after the old date of April 1st...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

just to clarify

A few definitions via Wikipedia:

"Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics"
"Lynching is an extrajudicial execution carried out by a mob... in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to intimidate, control, or otherwise manipulate a population of people. It is related to other means of social control that arise in communities... , have been more frequent in times of social and economic tension, and have often been the means used by the politically dominant population to oppress social challengers."
Mob Rule
Ochlocracy or mob rule is government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities...

Ochlocracy ("rule of the general populace") is democracy ("rule of the people") spoiled by demagoguery, "tyranny of the majority" and the rule of passion over reason...
Strangely, Wikipedia does not have a listing for "Race-Baiting Opportunist"...

jobs deletion

Jeff Brokaw seems surprised that his article keeps getting hits from searches for "cynicism" and "taxpayer":
Politicians and others who want our money have been scaring us with phony crises for decades, and after awhile, you learn to shrug your shoulders and say “whatever, pal”. But sadly, lots of people still buy this b.s., and so they help grow our government bureaucracy and increase our taxes...

...a very important point... that too many of us miss because we focus too much on blue states vs. red states... is this: too many people implicitly trust government — and therefore, politicians — to fix society’s problems... It’s time to put a stop to this foolishness. While government can always offer a solution, it is rarely the best solution.

Private enterprise is cheaper, more efficient, and provides better goods and services at lower prices, along with jobs. Private enterprise grows the economy. Good things happen in growing economies...

It’s well-past time to move into a post-partisan world, and accept the fact that the real class warfare we taxpayers face today is against rent-seekers, i.e., anybody who seeks a place in line at the tax revenue trough.
I'm surprised that any real American would enable those nanny-staters to keep slaves on their vote-growing plantation.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dave's not here, man!

Where's Dave?

(i 'shopped this from a google satellite view of an airbase. sorry i couldn't get an acceptable thumbnail-to-preview in blogger here...)

Monday, April 09, 2012

less regulation please!

medical costs are making me sick

more randomness please!

dustbury found a question he 'couldn’t resist':
What do you think of blogs and randomness? As the question says, can a blog be too random? Would the lack of connection between topics/posts annoy readers even if the content was interesting?"
fillyjonk answered:
Can free ice cream be too free?

I’m always amused at the people who complain about blogs not conforming to what their exact wants in a blog are: they’re not paying to read them, nor are they forced to read them…

Me? I like randomness.
i followed:
fillyjonk is exactly right.

i can imagine those yammering yahoos of (y)uniformity wishing:

“One Blog to rule them all,
One Link to find them,
One Rule to write them all,
and in the Blandness bind them.”

Saturday, April 07, 2012


frank j of imao pondered:
“Why do scientists have to keep sissifying all the dinosaurs by putting feathers on them?”
son of bob commented:
"First they put feathers on the dinosaurs, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a dinosaur…"
then i commented:
it all started back when the eltonjohnosaurus flamboyantii was discovered…

of course, the comparison was then applied to manhattan

What a weird but effective way to present a factoid: I was just watching a History Channel show that claimed "Americans eat one hundred ACRES of pizza a day"...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

the american eye dulls

my sister has a much higher tolerance for "reality shows" than i do, and her kids are now fans of "the voice" on nbc. i have less-than-zero interest in that show, but enough interest in finding out what the kids like for me to watch a few clips of it on youtube with them. after seeing the clips, my interest in the show has now increased to zero, because it was sorta funny for those otherwise-sweet rural gradeschool kids to be mimicking the street attitudes of ceelo & christina.

but that's not why i'm writing.

on the way home tonight, i thought of a horrible pun to describe my feelings watching the show (brace yourself...)




"i watched 'the voice' the other night. at first i noticed all the performers had emote in their eye, then i noticed i had a bored in mine."

pair un balanced

msnbc's broadcast today included a lower-third graphic titled "mitt happens" - yet another shining example of the "fair and balanced" elections coverage provided by maddow & matthews team.

redirect, your honor?

obviously my writing is sporadic here, and it may become more so. since late march i've started writing something (my memoirs? autobiography? ex post facto diary? demented scribblings?) for my indirect descendants.