Thursday, May 24, 2007

graphic content

I was inspired by a convergence of ideas* recently, and created a graphic to express the thought. Feel free to use it however you want, I'd just appreciate a link back here if you do.

(* thanks to Local Malcontent and Anonymous Atheist)

Friday, May 04, 2007

late summary

In this post I announced my intention to clarify and expand on some of the comments made in this post. However there have been various delays (obviously); some in my control, some not. In the meantime as I considered how to clarify those ideas, it seemed that they all turned into refutations of arguments which would only lead to further arguments, civil or otherwise. Even the best of them were little more than paraphrasing what C.S. Lewis has already said much more eloquently.

One theme did run throughout those various topics which is worth mentioning: If a person refuses to believe the Source of truth, any further discourse would be hollow words, biting and devouring one another in the sophistication of logic. No one may be saved or condemned by mere argument, but on the foundation of their faith, and faith in anything within the world - no matter how noble it appears - is doomed.