Monday, August 21, 2017

should have been news

...and we all know why it's not :P

trump's progress on campaign promises

Friday, August 18, 2017

Let's run with that, shall we?

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

o rly?

So let me get this straight: There is one party in American politics that:
  1. was founded on slavery,
  2. fights for the industrialized slaughter of minority infants,
  3. pushes identity politics,
  4. sides with perverts, drug addicts, and any anti-American organization,
  5. is full of 'former' domestic terrorists,
  6. supports Islamofascist terror,
  7. has turned the media into their own propaganda machine,
  8. has close ties to the Mafia,
  9. is funded heavily by Hitler youth George Soros,
  10. was the ideological home of Klansman Robert Byrd,
  11. works to replace religion with statist Atheism,
  12. promotes national Socialism,
and they're the one claiming moral a high ground to tear down statues of their own heroes?

Monday, August 14, 2017

there are several alternatives to "right"

Eric Raymond at Armed & Dangerous
...while I’m not entirely sure of everything the alt-right is (it’s a rather amorphous phenomenon) it is not the KKK and neo-Nazis. The most that can truthfully be said is that ‘alt-right’ serves as a recent flag of convenience to which some old-fashioned white supremacists are busily trying to attach themselves.

Also, the alt-right is not Donald Trump and his Trumpkins, either...

The defining characteristic of the alt-right is, really, corrosive snarkiness... mordantly nasty but unserious.

..part of what is going on here is a visceral rejection of politically-correct leftism, one which deliberately inverts its premises. The griefers pose as racists and misogynists because they think it’s the most oppositional stance they can take to bullies and rage-mobbers who position themselves as anti-racists and feminists...

Whether the alt-right even exists in any meaningful sense is questionable... it has the aspect of a hoax (or a linked collection of hoaxes) being worked by 4chan griefers... who have noticed how readily the mainstream media buys inflated right-wing-conspiracy narratives and are working this one for the lulz. There’s no actual mass movement behind their posturing, unless you think a thousand or so basement-dwelling otaku are a mass movement.

..the alt-right looms largest in the minds of self-panickers who project their fears on it. And of course in the minds of Hillary Clinton’s hangers-on, who would rather attribute her loss to a shadowy evil conspiracy than to a weak candidate and a plain-old bungled campaign.

I’m worried, however, that that the alt-right may not remain a loose-knit collection of hoaxes – that the self-panickers are actually creating what they fear.

For there is a deep vein of anti-establishment anger out there (see Donald Trump, election of). The alt-right (to the limited and conditional extent it now exists) could capture that anger, and its provocateurs are doing their best to make you think it already has, but they’re scamming you – they’re f*****g with your head. The entire on-line ‘alt-right’ probably musters fewer people than the Trumpster’s last victory rally.

It’s a kind of dark-side Discordian hack in progress, and I’m concerned that it might succeed... If you keep [hyping it], the vast majority of the rootless and disaffected who have never heard of it might decide there’s a strong horse there and sign on.

Friday, August 11, 2017

moral bankruptcy

The Federalist, on another Google problem:

"to a company with a crippling liberal bias, human traffickers are less icky than people who say things that challenge their political preferences."

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benevolence fund bankruptcy

Theodore Dalrymple at City Journal

"...the penetrating clear-sightedness and benevolence toward humanity that intellectuals often claim for themselves by comparison with the benightedness of the rest of the population is at least sometimes — and maybe often or always — self-serving and mythical."

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"hatchet, axe, and saw"

Theodore Dalrymple at City Journal

" is not difficult nowadays to find not only health care but also health itself propounded as a human right. The absurdity of this is obvious...

"...those who demand of freedom and equality under the law that everyone should in actuality be placed in the same condition or position will soon destroy freedom without having achieved equality. But to explain why requires more than six words on an advertisement at a bus stop."

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

a depressingly realistic scenario