Friday, May 27, 2016

Rules of Conduct

update 3 (2016): another bump in recognition of the Standardization Committee for Unified Management's success in driving off yet another qualified employee.

update 2 (2010): just bumping this because it's so stinking relevant right now...

update 1 (2009): welcome to those of you who are buried by dust or hated by qa :)

Pursuant to Directive 1D/0T of our Eight Epsilon quality prevention system, the Standardization Committee for Unified Management has determined that employees of the Company may be reprimanded for actions including (but not limited to) the following:
  • below-average performance, average performance, and/or above-average performance,
  • not following Instructions, and/or following Instructions,
  • not giving the customer what (s)he requested, and/or giving the customer what (s)he requested,
  • thinking inside the Box, thinking outside the Box, not thinking inside the Box, not thinking outside the Box, and/or thinking whatsoever on Company time,
  • failure to Suck Up.
As a material part of this Agreement, the employee agrees that any and all disputes, claims or controversies arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be determined by final, binding, and possibly confidential, arbitration of the Standardization Committee for Unified Management. By agreeing to submit all disputes, claims and controversies to binding arbitration, the employee expressly waives its rights to have such matters heard by any sensible tribunal. Any award (ha!) or punishment shall be final, binding and conclusive upon the employee, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • forfeiture of all future wages or other compensation,
  • elimination of positive employment references,
  • blacklisting in all relevant professional organizations, and/or
  • general smugness accompanying all future Management dealings with employee.
At Eight Epsilon, our stated values are honesty, integrity, trust, and compassion. We strive to eliminate a positive atmosphere where teamwork, competence, pride, and mutual respect provide an opportunity for all employees to succeed.


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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Speak Truth To Power

The Witherspoon Institute explains how "tyranny comes disguised as civil rights":
How do you get public opinion on board with an agenda that leads them to deny the reality of their own humanity? There are lots of pieces to this puzzle, including the erosion of social trust, the breakdown of family, social polarization, and growing ignorance of history. But the groundwork has been laid over a long period of time.

First, virtually all outlets of communication had to be on board—Hollywood, academia, the media. Check.

All medical personnel, particularly mental health personnel, had to be “educated” to comply with the transgender program or risk losing their licenses. Check.

The educational establishment had to imbue schoolchildren with the ideology. Check.

Large corporations had to get on board as stakeholders and enforcers. Check.

And, of course, the push to legally de-sex society had to be embedded—Trojan Horse style—within a slightly less alien idea, with the slick slogan “marriage equality.” Check.

Churches had to be brought on board so that even religion became a conduit for anti-truth. Check.

Social, emotional, and economic pressures had to be established to censure anyone who dared to question the wisdom of it all. Check.

Any such person had to be labeled a bigot, a hater, and a non-person. Checkmate.
Please read it all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

not that they'll listen, but...

...every time some leftist brings up the Koch brothers, remind them of Soros.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

can we be logically consistent?

Elsewhere online, someone speculated that if Caitlyn Jenner should be celebrated for being trans-gendered, then logically Al Jolson should be celebrated for being trans-racial.

Friday, May 13, 2016

a poster that will likely be torn down

update 2: here is more proof of the gaystapo agenda

update 1: one way to fight the pinkshirts

because it speaks truth to power:

inspired by two posts and a comment. based on this image.

Cronies, indeed

This message brought to you by your friends in Iran, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

More on Bernie

One Bernie supporter on Facebook had posted an image about how it was government's job to redistribute wealth. Apparently my refutation of its ill logic was sound enough that the post was deleted. Here is a distillation of the points I made there:

Government has a duty to provide defense. The extent of that defense is debatable (and offense much more debatable), but the role itself is not.

Government has a duty to build infrastructure. The extent of that role is debatable, but the role itself is not.

Government has a duty to uphold justice, and to refute the demands of those who co-opt the word 'justice' for their own corrupt schemes.

Government DOES NOT have a duty to give away freebies to any constituencies. Neither Wall Street nor their Occupiers, neither college students nor corporations, neither poor nor rich nor anyone in between deserve to have government steal from other citizens to satisfy their greed.

It is the role of charity to take care of the least fortunate. Charitable people do this first by taking care of immediate needs (food, medicine, etc.), then ideally by helping the recipient help themselves (job training, eliminating addictions, etc.) Organizations can only remain charitable as far as its members remain charitable, and are as prone to corruption as any other human organization.

Subcontracting the role of charity out to the government does several things:
  • it creates a bureaucracy that - by its very nature - diverts funds from the needy to sustain itself,
  • it makes fraud vastly more easy, by both cheating recipients and corrupt apparatchiks,
  • it removes the personal contact between donor and recpient which might result in a sense of community,
  • it rewards self-destructive behaviors that cause poverty (illegitimacy, drug abuse, etc.), negating any motivation for recipients to change,
  • it gives more-fortunate people a sop to their conscience that they 'are doing something for the poor' without having to sully themselves with actually doing anything for the poor, and
  • it breeds dependence on government, which - because of the money and power it gives them - is government's primary motivation for promoting the welfare state.

Again, I am agreeing that "all those crony capitalist fat cats" are a problem to America, but it's much more a problem of cronyism than of capitalism - as Whitewater and Solyndra demonstrate as well as Enron. Either way, the socialist (i.e. communist) fat cats are far worse. If you look closely, today's welfare state is being pushed by forces just as greedy and power-mad as any robber baron, yet more hypocritical because they pretend to be 'on the side of angels' and fool so many people into trusting a system that is essentially slavery.

Nobody expects the Hispanophobic Inquisition!

The second-most-obvious difference between the anti-communist witch hunt by McCarthy in the 50s and the pro-communist witch hunt by today's SJW industry is that the anti-communists have a sense of decency that can be called upon.