Friday, February 26, 2010


so, is a friday the 26th like two friday the 13ths added together? or do they cancel each other out? just wondering if should expect good or bad news later in the day...

(just kidding, i'm not superstitious)

update: no more news for friday, either good or bad. today is both a "rainy day" and a "monday" though, with the usual results.

Monday, February 22, 2010

not love and rockets

crayola rockets


why did i think my stomach could handle greasy cheese enchiladas on my lunch break? :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the crash

norton and mcafee can't help, and neither can kreskin. unless removed, parasites will kill the host.

party time

when the third time is not the charm...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nuclear reactors

another of the very few topics on which i agree with obama. (maybe loan guarantees aren't the best way to support them, but still...)

update: ...and then he mouths off like this, which is as ridiculous as claiming "the patient was cured by the shotgun blast that sent him to the emergency room."

update 2: imao has more obama analogies.

a late valentine

mish mash recommends carrots, which is an improvement over the aforementioned potatoes...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

must be the painkillers

jim treacher thinks the law should apply to government officials...

oft evil will evil mar

james martin takes the high road, while ol'yawns lohan and beavesse and bette-head take the gutter (again)...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

jones finds our lack of faith... disturbing...

this would sum it up nicely, except that vader didn't hide behind some lame-o eminent domain scam...

making the rounds

these related posts are getting plenty of links, perhaps not at the same time though. go read both:

The Right's Revolt
The Revolting Left

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

brave sir darwin

didst run and hide

i can haz fotochop?

i've had a bit of fun recently photoshopping entries for imao's lolterizt & lolbama series - here's links to the archives:


Monday, February 08, 2010

Quotes of the Day

"...just about everything that scientists have told us over the years about evolution turns out to be either untrue or questionable? Everything from the importance of natural selection and genetic mutation, to Haeckel's phylogenetic law, to the proof provided by finch beaks and peppered moths, to the crucial importance of the gene, to the junkiness of junk DNA, to the primordial soup, to who knows what next. The only belief about evolution that's remained undiminished over the decades is the dogmatic certainty that it happened, even though at the rate we're going everything we believe about it will be proven wrong by 2020."
The idea that there was some massive segregation-enforced gulf between white and black is almost entirely fictional, largely a creation of the days after segregation, when certain individuals discovered that they could make an easier living from race-baiting than from seeking out honest work.
Saradactyl - make sure to read all of this one:
On February 5th, Stokes County, NC was hit pretty hard by a snow and ice storm. Downed trees and widespread power outages plagued the county.. our power was restored after just 5 short hours... Concerned about the possibility of looting and "misdemeanoring", the mayor felt the need to proclaim a state of emergency, as such powers are delegated to him by means of general statute 14-288.12. Any person violating any provision of said ordinance or enacted proclamation is guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.

As I looked around at the cloudless sky, and the surrounding area being illuminated by street lights - powered by FULLY FUNCTIONING ELECTRICITY - I asked the officer whether he thought those measures might be a little extreme?

...Part of our conditioning [is] to accept what the government believes to be in our best interest over our own common sense and burden of personal responsibility...

One day it could be an after-dark curfew enforced with UN officers showing up at your home to confiscate your guns, and the National Guard coming to immunize your children. I'm not fear mongering, people! Just trying to point out that we have been lured by the warmth and comfort of an ordinance enacted to keep us safe, and by the time you realize you're boiling - you're already cooked.
and read this pic

Saturday, February 06, 2010


It is sad that the naive idealism, utter incompetence, and total counter-productivity of agencies like the IAEA have made weapons like this necessary. For the sake of our descendants, let it be remembered which methods of deterrence are and are not effective against the aggressions of dictators.


Nation's capital paralyzed by snow.

Unemployment rate drops to 9.7%.

...sounds like a good excuse to start a beltway-sized Ice Age. :D

Friday, February 05, 2010

off twitter

i always thought their slogan should be "it's for twits!". this guy would not agree.

a kinder gentler body count

unlike hillary's old tricks:
The State Department has refused to answer basic questions about an accident that took place in Washington on Wednesday night, in which a U.S. Diplomatic Security Service vehicle struck Daily Caller employee Sean Medlock as he was crossing the street.

An agent in the vehicle, Mike McGuinn, did not identify himself to Medlock at the scene, or apologize for running him down. Indeed, Washington, D.C., police drove to a local emergency room to serve Medlock with a jaywalking citation as he lay prostrate in a hospital bed, while a man who identified himself as “special agent” stood by watching and taking notes.

Reached on his cell phone the following day by the Daily Caller, McGuinn refused to answer questions about the incident.

“I’m a federal agent and I’m not allowed to talk to the media,” McGuinn said, citing “liability.” McGuinn initially declined even to reveal which agency he works for. “You can refer to the [DC] police department report,” he said before hanging up abruptly. (According the police department, no report will be publicly available for at least three days.)

According to Medlock, who writes under the name Jim Treacher, he was struck at about 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, while crossing M Street in downtown Washington. Medlock says he was walking within the bounds of the crosswalk, toward a blinking white signal, when a government SUV suddenly turned left and plowed into him, knocking him to the ground.
guess they decided not to have him accidentally shoot himself repeatedly in the back of the head and walk to the park this time...

(actually, i don't believe this kind of conspiracy stuff as much as i used to back during the x-files era.)

never forget hugo chavez killed Venezuela

a vaccine is needed

The most onerous expression of idolatry in the modern era was the communist conceit that the scientific ordering of society can eliminate uncertainty. Scientific socialism was supposed to eliminate economic crises and war; instead, it brought about 100 million deaths and reduced once-prosperous countries to penury. Seventy years after its founding, the entire value of the industrial plant of the Soviet Union and its satellites was less than its scrap value . . . . Russia and its former satellites have such low fertility that their populations will fall by between one-third and one-half by mid-century. Europe's nanny-state version of social democracy is a low-grade version of the same infection.
On this side of the Atlantic, Democrats, long since hollowed out by progressives, socialists, and fellow-traveling lunatics (whatever distinction between these there may be) -- voted in by morons who think the hideous misery of the last century is distilled in the terms “Dick Cheney,” “Moral Majority” and “corporation” -- labor as you read this to inject that same bacillus here.
see also: hockeysticks galore.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


One of the restaurants I go to always has CNN on a bigscreen tv in the corner. Fortunately the sound is turned way down, but the text and captions are still readable. What little I could gather of their blather tonight inspires some comments...

First, CNN aired "select quotes" from the State of New York vs Bank of America Corporation. Portions of the original summary read:
This merger has, in many ways, become a classic example of how the modus operandi of our nation’s largest financial institutions led to the near collapse of our financial system. In order to complete its deal, Bank of America’s management misled its shareholders by not disclosing massive losses that were mounting at Merrill Lynch so that the shareholders would vote to approve the deal. Once the deal was approved, Bank of America’s management manipulated the federal government into saving the deal with billions in taxpayer funds by falsely claiming that they intended to back out of the deal through a clause in the Merger Agreement. Ultimately, this was an enormous fraud on taxpayers who ended up paying billions for Bank of America’s misdeeds. Throughout this episode, the conduct of Bank of America, through its top management, was motivated by self-interest, greed, hubris, and a palpable sense that the normal rules of fair play did not apply to them. Bank of America's management thought of itself as too big to play by the rules and, just as disturbingly, too big to tell the truth.
The similarities between this lawsuit and a certain recent election are striking...

Second, it's laudable that both Haiti's government and CNN suddenly care about the plight of Haitian orphans, especially since their underlying belief systems are largely to blame for their ongoing (if not current) plight. On second thought, maybe they're just complaining because a few orphans got rescued/kidnapped rather than aborted.

Lastly, one anchor asked the question "How is the economy like a Toyota"? A few suggestions:Got any other suggestions?