Thursday, August 31, 2006

matching cars

Do all drivers tend to notice other cars on the road that are the same as their own? I always have, and Dustbury does too.

For me, it's not just my current car, I notice cars similar to all the cars I've previously owned or driven - which is not a short list, but is heavily weighted towards Ford models.

Last Monday was unusual though. At one stoplight on my way to work, there were two Mustangs adjacent to me, identical to mine in year, color, body style and trim. Plus, there were two newer Mustangs at the intersection - a red one going in the opposite direction, and a white one to my right.

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omajatoha said...

a couple of years ago we purchased a red/maroon car after several years of driving white cars. it took me a long time to quit looking at white cars and counting myself among them or looking for my white car in a parking lot.