Thursday, August 17, 2006

e-hanging chad

Triton Unleashed noticed a (yet another) hypocritical bit of DNC whining.
Rep. Cynthia McKinney, in her first public appearance since losing her re-election bid last week, said Tuesday that the black community needs to oppose electronic voting machines, which she warned can be used to steal elections.

McKinney made the remarks during the National Dialogue and Revival for Social Justice in the Black Church, sponsored by the Rev. Al Sharpton's (surprise, surprise!) group, the National Action Network. The Augusta crowd, estimated at fewer than 200 people, gave her a standing ovation when she was introduced and again when she finished speaking.

Last week McKinney lost her bid for a seventh term in Congress. Hank Johnson, a former DeKalb County commissioner, defeated her 59 percent to 41 percent in the Democratic runoff.

"You won't know who won as long as we have those electronic voting machines, with the problems that have been manifested by them," she said, criticizing Georgia officials for not requiring that paper records be kept of all votes.
(emphases mine)

To which Triton responds:
This is one of the mental disabilities that seem to infect Democrats: they just can't believe they would ever lose an election fair and square. In 2000, all we heard ad nauseum was how those poor old folks in south Florida misread their butterfly ballots and accidently voted for Pat Buchanan. We also heard a lot of wailing about using paper ballots in an Age of Technology, so it wasn't long before municipalities all over the country started using electronic voting machines. Now, according to the Epsilon semi-morons we call Democrats, it seems those same machines that were going to save our voting system have rebelled against us and are, in fact, the enemy.

Normally, this would just be filed under the usual Democrat whining. But there's some rich hypocrisy here, too, since the Dems are notorious for engaging in voter fraud. Richard Daley, anyone?

Just when I think the Republicans have alienated every possible voter, the Dems remind me of why they are equally despicable and will not be picking up gains from the Republican losses.
p.s. In the Breitbart article, McKinney also gives evidence of being a delusional crack smoker:
As for the media, she said: "What I have learned from the corporate media is that they are there to protect the status quo. They are there to protect the powers that be, and anyone who becomes a threat in any kind of way by providing information that will go directly to the survival of the community, to the uplifting of the people, will become an enemy."
Don' be dissin' er, she jus' be spressin her rizzage, yo!

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Triton said...

Hey, thanks for the mention.

Yeah, McKinney's a real piece of work. In addition to her anti-semitism, there have also been accusations of connections with muslim terrorist groups. She's just a nut.