Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gifted Children

This hit me on several levels. If there are any gifted children in your life, it's a must-read.

UPDATE: The NFGCC site, which is linked to from that post, has a suprising mix of good and bad advice. View it with a critical eye.

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sackofcatfood said...

I suppose I'm one of those "gifted" blokes (I'm sure a lot of people would contest that assertion :p ), as determined by Abq. Public Schools, as are pretty much all of my friends.

Most seem reasonably happy. I'm one of the exceptions to that, or have been, but I at least try to be.

I have a friend most dear to me who is positively brilliant--much more than I could ever aspire to be--but who is relatively unambitious and discontent with her life. She is also unwilling to change it. Sigh... It's ever my endeavor that she should be happy, but she is not very helpful in that respect. :(