Wednesday, April 18, 2012

rotten spam

somebody left the container open ;)

i just received the most pathetic phishing scam spam ever. i would have copied it exactly, but had to change all the <> brackets to ^ so that it can be viewed as closely to verbatim text as i recieved it - not interpreted as html by your browser.
^html style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 90% 90%; ^moz-background-clip:

^moz-initial; ^moz-background-origin: ^moz-initial; ^moz-background-inline-policy:

^moz-initial;"^^head^^style^body {margin:8px} .tr-field {font:normal small arial} img

^moz-force-broken-image-icon: 1;}^/style^^/head^^body g_editable="true" hidefocus="true"

class="editable tr-field" id=":ce" style=""^^div^
^img alt=""


Dear Customer,^br^^br^
We are currently performing regular maintenance of our security measures. Your account

has^br^been randomly selected for this maintenance, and you will now be taken through a

series of^br^identity verification pages click on the link below


^a href="http:***SPAMMINGSCUMBUCKETS***.htm"

target="_blank"^^font size="2" face="Verdana"^Verify your Paypal

account^/font^^/a^^br^^br^Protecting the security of your PayPal account is our primary

concern, and we apologize for^br^any inconvenience this may cause.^br^^br^^br^Thanks For

using Paypal^br^Management^/body^^/html^

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