Thursday, April 12, 2012

jobs deletion

Jeff Brokaw seems surprised that his article keeps getting hits from searches for "cynicism" and "taxpayer":
Politicians and others who want our money have been scaring us with phony crises for decades, and after awhile, you learn to shrug your shoulders and say “whatever, pal”. But sadly, lots of people still buy this b.s., and so they help grow our government bureaucracy and increase our taxes...

...a very important point... that too many of us miss because we focus too much on blue states vs. red states... is this: too many people implicitly trust government — and therefore, politicians — to fix society’s problems... It’s time to put a stop to this foolishness. While government can always offer a solution, it is rarely the best solution.

Private enterprise is cheaper, more efficient, and provides better goods and services at lower prices, along with jobs. Private enterprise grows the economy. Good things happen in growing economies...

It’s well-past time to move into a post-partisan world, and accept the fact that the real class warfare we taxpayers face today is against rent-seekers, i.e., anybody who seeks a place in line at the tax revenue trough.
I'm surprised that any real American would enable those nanny-staters to keep slaves on their vote-growing plantation.

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