Saturday, April 21, 2012

spring training

update & bump: did instapundit reader chris fox read my post, or is the incivility of the occupy movement really that obvious?
Could we have possibly drawn a more stark comparison between the Tea Party minded and the OWS minded? We say it with Post-It notes. They say it with feces and spray paint. They made a mess of DC and Wisconsin. We cleaned it up and left it better than we found it. Oh, and we also didn’t rape or kill anyone.
i vote the latter.


The occupy movement is preparing for next season:
Associated Press

NEW YORK — Activists inspired by Occupy Wall Street are gearing up for spring training. They say they will teach thousands of people to lead nonviolent protests aimed at reinvigorating the spirit of the movement against economic inequality...

(Many people have) signed up for hundreds of sessions organized by more than 60 activist groups and the nation's largest unions...
It is quite telling that union-organized leftists require formal training to NOT be violent - so unlike the relatively rape-, assault-, and vandalism-free tea party movement. One must wonder whether leftism breeds violence or naturally-violent people are more attracted to leftism.

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