Tuesday, July 30, 2013

obliquely optometrically optimistic

update & bump: more clues
  • the night-vision halos from the implant are no worse than the globby halos i've always had.
  • the headaches from mismatched eyes are mild and should only last another two weeks.

i'll give you several clues - in an uncharacteristically upbeat form - to figure out what's been going on with me this week:
  • legal blindness is to actual blindness as dirty windows are to concrete windows.
  • medical advances can correct many vision problems, and have recently made multi-focal replacement lenses available.
  • i did not waste money previously on a lasik procedure.
  • the total cost of repairs will be less than 40% of the cost of my car, and those costs will be offset by less expenditures in the future on glasses.
  • recovery times are far less than in the past.
  • obamacare has not yet crippled the eyecare industry.

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