Wednesday, October 31, 2012

writ small

just as it is in national politics, it's called a "scummy, despicable tactic" to tell the truth about a democrat campaign:
The Dallas County Republican Party is accusing a Democratic candidate for state House District 107 of hiring felons to work for his campaign.

Dallas County GOP Chair Wade Emmert sent a recorded message to voters Tuesday
that accuses Robert Miklos of hiring workers with criminal backgrounds to go
door-to-door for his campaign. Miklos’ Republican opponent is incumbent Rep. Kenneth Sheets.

"This is a scummy, despicable tactic by a Sheets campaign and Sheets campaign allies, who know they have a failing campaign," Miklos told NBC 5. "Most of our canvassers have been recruited from community colleges -- teenagers, 20 yearolds -- and we've done a tremendous grassroots effort."

The county GOP provided NBC 5 with the text of the recorded message:
"This is an important voter safety alert. Please be aware that the campaign of Robert Miklos is employing people with serious criminal backgrounds to canvass your neighborhoods. Mr. Miklos pays numerous people with criminal backgrounds in car theft, aggravated assault, theft, criminal trespass and prostitution to possibly knock on your door. Please be careful if you see anyone in your neighborhood wearing a Robert Miklos T-shirt, as that person may have a dangerous criminal background. This is Wade Emmert, chairman of the RepublicanParty in Dallas County. I want to make sure voters and our families are safe during this election season. This call was paid for by the Dallas County Republican Party."
NBC 5 ran the names for a criminal background search, and found some with felony charges...


The Local Malcontent said...

Gosh, I see both side's points- for what 20-something hasn't run afoul of the law to some extent? There may not be too many Democrats out there without criminal backgrounds, too; And it does sound a bit desperate on the part of DCGOP.

On the other hand Hatless, I would be wary of characters with those backgrounds listed coming onto our property, maybe when no one's home, 'casing the joint';

Won't it be nice to finally be rid of this particularly offensive campaign year?

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

re: "And it does sound a bit desperate on the part of DCGOP."

true, i would rather see all campaigns stick to real issues of governance, instead of distracting minutiae.