Thursday, October 04, 2012

just wondering

update 2 - this idea has been done before...

update 1 - related:
“…before the Obama administration knew who [the film maker] was, they had to mount a deliberate investigation, determine his identity, and then do a comprehensive background check to find out if there was anything they could do to him.”
That’s the problem... The FBI investigated him for causing trouble for the administration by making a (lame, tedious, misleading) movie insulting to Mohammad.

If he’d made a movie insulting Jesus Christ he would have caused no trouble for Washington, he’d never have been investigated by the FBI, and the same people who now condemn him would have given him an NEA grant for being edgy and transgressive.
The administration deliberately outed this film-maker, but the story is supposed to be all about western insensitivity and Moslem outrage.

do you think anyone would find this offensive?

since i'm offended by all the beheadings, suicide bombings, female mutilation, and "honor" killings, i have trouble seeing anything offensive in cartoons any more...

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The Local Malcontent said...

Brilliant and biting, Hatless;
With Obama, it is all CYA all the time. Of course the filmmaker was targeted, just as the embassy in Libya was targeted.
A post at relates that security at that very embassy was reduced this summer, relying upon Libyans for security.
Thanks Shrillary. We don't like you too.

Think I'll risk putting up a Mohammad cartoon tonight, to see what Barack says next~