Friday, September 09, 2011

sparks glow in dim bulbs

last year, president hussein produced a few prophetic gold flakes from this slagheap of words about solyndra:
...through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations. This new factory is the result of those loans...

...many in this community are still reeling from the effects of the recession... was all the more painful and heartbreaking because the factory had been held up as an example of how America could lead in manufacturing.

...there’s a ripple effect. It’s not just localized to this area.

the truth of the matter is, is that when you’re in Washington a lot of times all you’re thinking about or all that’s being talked about is politics -- we end up getting caught up in the moment instead of what is important for the future.
of course it has to be taken out of context to extract the truth ;)


also, today the old gray mare got something right about sarah palin for once.

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