Monday, October 30, 2017

The Science of Halloween Costumes

Here's an edited version of a list going around Facebook:
This Halloween, going in a Pavlov costume should ring a bell.

I may or may not go as Schrödinger.

I was thinking about Heisenberg but I'm still uncertain.

Naturally I've selected Darwin.

Einstein would be a relatively good costume.

I frequently go dressed as Hertz.

I should go as Tesla to electrify the party.

On the topic of Tesla, what about Edison? He would be much more direct.

Yeah, I'm gonna steal that idea!

I don't have the class to pull off Linnaeus.

Gauss would be a real chick magnet.

Conversely Niels would be a Bohr.

I could go as Copernicus, but the world DOES revolve around me.

I'm gravitating towards a Newton costume.

I'll give you a call if I'm going as Bell.

I'm curious what it would really be like to go as Feynman.

Was going to go as Freud, but my mom didn't finish my costume.

Or maybe Roentgen, but I think every one would see right through it.

Marie Curie would be a radioactive costume, but I hear it's unstable and tends to breakdown.

I'd go as the Higgs Boson, but I can't find my costume.

Well I can tell you one thing. Fermat is going to be my last choice.

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