Wednesday, August 16, 2017

o rly?

So let me get this straight: There is one party in American politics that:
  1. was founded on slavery,
  2. fights for the industrialized slaughter of minority infants,
  3. pushes identity politics,
  4. sides with perverts, drug addicts, and any anti-American organization,
  5. is full of 'former' domestic terrorists,
  6. supports Islamofascist terror,
  7. has turned the media into their own propaganda machine,
  8. has close ties to the Mafia,
  9. is funded heavily by Hitler youth George Soros,
  10. was the ideological home of Klansman Robert Byrd,
  11. works to replace religion with statist Atheism,
  12. promotes national Socialism,
and they're the one claiming moral a high ground to tear down statues of their own heroes?

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