Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Add a Word Ruin a Movie

so there's this new twitter meme, #AddaWordRuinaMovie. since i don't twit, here are my contributions - which are hopefully more arcane than the rest:
  • Butterflies are Free Loaders
  • Martin Lawrence of Arabia
  • Time Magazine Bandits
  • Gerald Ford Fairlane
  • The Longest Day Bed
  • 2001 A Parking Space Odyssey
  • Children of the Corn Chips
  • Dawn Detergent of the Dead
  • Laundry Pod People
  • Pink: Floyd The Barber's Wall
  • Great Balls of Fire Ants
  • Spies Don't Like Us
  • Ugly Little Women
  • Taco Bell, Book, and Candle
  • Punky Brewster McCloud
  • Enemy Mine Craft
  • Less Than President Zero
  • Swiss Cheese Family Robinson
  • Not All Dogs Go To Heaven
  • Jason Bateman and the Argonauts
  • The Fresh Prince of Egypt
  • The Fifth Element: Boron
  • George Will of the Jungle
  • Tom & Jerry Maguire
  • The English Muffin Patient
  • Total Cereal Recall
  • Three Men and a Baby Hippo
  • My Left Foot Itches
  • Don't Say Anything...
  • Obama's Idiocracy


The Local Malcontent said...

"Great Balls of Fire Ants" must be a documentary, right?

Great list, old friend. Are you doing OK? Hope so~

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

yeah, that and maybe a couple of other documentaries in there ;)

same song, 17,320th verse here... how are you & yours doing?