Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's no Watergate

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update 2: The Virginian - and his commentors - go farther (read it all):

(on the plus side,)
Richard Nixon:
  • ended the Vietnam war,
  • ended the draft,
  • started arms talks with the USSR,
  • pried the Communist USSR-China alliance apart,
  • opened China,
  • began the USA's support for the dissidents inside the USSR,
  • (aided) Israel during the Yom Kippur war,
  • got Egypt to break from the USSR and expel the Soviet military,
  • ensured NASA could land a man on the moon,
  • integrated the officers' clubs in the military,
  • signed the first clean air/clean water act,
  • did not plot the Watergate break-in,
  • appointed William Rehnquist,
  • (and) The Nixon IRS never actually went after Nixon's enemies.
A lot of pundits on both sides are telling people that (x) incident under the Obama administration should not be compared to Watergate - where x could equal anything below:

During the IRS incident, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress directed the IRS to deliberately and illegally delay the applications of conservative (and not liberal) non-profit groups.
    During the Benghazi incident, the Obama administration:
    During the AP spying incident, the Obama administration directed the Justice Department to deliberately spy (in an illegal, i.e. warrantless, manner) on the contacts of a press organization.

    The Obama administration has knowingly appointed numerous tax cheats to high office, while directing the IRS to harass his opponent's contributors.

    During the Solyndra incident, the Obama administration:
    The Obama administration's Eric Holder has perverted justice by:
    Under ObamaCare, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress have:
    And on countless occasions, the Obama administration has lied to Congress while under oath.

    Now to be fair, let's include the facts about the Watergate scandal: Nixon operatives drew up an 'enemies list', then carried out two burglaries. Then Nixon and several members of his administration engaged in illegal wiretapping, destroyed a few documents, and perjured themselves before Congress.

    Conclusion: The pundits are correct that it is wrong to compare Nixon to Obama - but only because it's so insulting to Nixon.

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