Wednesday, March 21, 2012

homage ---> myopia

like me, lileks won't watch avatar:
"It’s the fact that the big expensive movies have no soul. They’re machines - loud, noisy machines that hit you over the head and show no recognition of Disbelief, and the effort it takes to suspend it..."
mark steyn's quote was harsher:
Hollywood’s business model is to take a story that cost two shillings and... spend a fifth of a billion making it lousier. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way the industry’s living off Model T fumes. Hollywood could use its own Edgar Rice Burroughs, but instead it’s a business full of guys who can’t even adapt Edgar Rice Burroughs for less than 300 mil — and then blow it.
i think it would be a good start to outlaw the scene where the hero jumps-over-a-hundred-feet-both-horizontally-and-vertically to either land-in-a-crouched-pose-without-rolling or bury-a-sword-that's-longer-than-he-is-tall-in-a-monster's-head.

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