Sunday, October 16, 2011

occupy wall street

update 4: today i took a stand that had more actual effect than any of these occupy-ers ever had. when i went to city hall to pay my water bill, i took a good long drink from their water fountain. wooooo stickin it to tha man!


update 3: do i need to draw you a picture?

update 2: dustbury expands on the phenomenon

update & bump: has it occurred to anyone else that we might not be in obama's depression if the "tea party" had gotten the favorable press coverage that the "occupy" is getting?

for fair-and-balanced coverage, the media-infotainment complex needs to come up with a derogatory term for these protestors like they did for the tea party. how about:
  • dirt-baggers
  • the pot party
  • soros-turf
  • left-wing lunatics
  • the maples
  • bloodsucking commies
  • chumps
  • bitter hobos clinging to drugs and chomsky
that being said, i'm just as against "the looters" as they are - it's just ironic/funny/sad/revolting that their whole scheme is being astroturfed by a bunch of looters.

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