Friday, January 21, 2011

fair and balanced

update 3: igst asks a similar question,
"Why are 1 million black men marching in DC seen as a culmination of racial pride, but a gathering of a few hundred white people is seen as a slathering mob intent on oppressing others?"


update & bump 2: why is it that when a radical islamist goes on a shooting spree while shouting "allah akbar!", the media refuses to speculate on his motives, but when a nihilist atheist goes on a shooting spree, the media falsely paints him as a right-wing extremist?


update & bump 1: just in case you had any doubts of liberal's utter hypocrisy, they are now trying to ban "threatening symbols and language".

i found a related quote in a different story:
"All their talk about “common sense” and a “reasonable middle ground” is just that—talk. It’s a smokescreen to allow them to advance from their beachhead, never to ease back and practice some of that “compromise” they’re continually hitting us over the head with."


divisive speech criticized by major media outlets:
  • sarah palin, "blood libel"
  • anti-homosexuality speech
  • anti-islamic speech
  • anti-dnc candidate speech
divisive speech not criticized by major media outlets:and certainly not criticized by major media outlets are the actual terrorist actions of any of these people (unless political points could be scored for the left by criticizing them)