Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Our “post-racial” president has managed to take the sting and the scar out of the word in just, what, 9 short months, not because he’s “transcended” race and brought us all together into the sunshine of his love, but because he and his minions, his presscorp, his party and many of his supports have so quickly made “racism” the de facto excuse for his every failing that they have managed to render the word almost meaningless, to the detriment of those people who actually do suffer the real effects of racism, still, in this country.


Wry Mouth said...

Sorry; weaving off-topic but I have to share with somebody: "Green Jobs Czar" is a title that would make me queasy in two sorts of ways already, perhaps three, but the man, Van Jones, makes me feel as though I've been hit in the stomach when I hear his speeches.

They are no better than college soap-box speeches, and their content is every bit as poisonous.

And I do not get queasy about politicians ever. Well -- rarely.

Keep an eye on that fellow.

The Local Malcontent said...

I'd have chosen to say that the term "racism" has been watered down by all Obama and Company's easy and frequent usage of the charge, instead of it being rendered meaningless.

*Meaningless-ness is, or should be the goal. I'm tired of being a hyphenated American to everyone but myself.