Monday, January 09, 2012

dave barry's year in review

"This was a year in which the cast members of “Jersey Shore” went to Italy and then — in an inexcusable lapse of border security — were allowed to return."

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mathematikoi said...

I have yet to dive into your posts,but the caption on the front page was inspired so I look forward to reading your ideas. I arrived here through another blog which had the title "Hatless in Hattiesburg" listed under the friends section and I was immediately compelled to click. You see, I'm from a city named Hattiesburg which I hold close to my heart and have recently moved away from. I happened to be on a philosophical kick this evening, and through a reddit post in academic philosophy came to see my hometown at a time when I was already pondering synchronization in life and the uprising of similar ideas through the internet and environment.

I just thought you should know.