Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FrankJ on Trump

Random thoughts for Aug.12 (very slightly edited):
“So do you want some sort of coherent politically philosophy, or are you happy with just angry yelling?”

Apparently a large number of people can’t tell the difference between being tough and being thin-skinned and pissy.

Are there people who really didn’t get that Trump is a joke candidate until the Megyn Kelly line?

Was there anything so awful Ted Kennedy could do that he’d lose support? Such is Trump’s base.

I can still be surprised by how silly Trump gets, but I don’t take him seriously enough to get outraged.

*dog repeatedly runs into glass door*
“He never backs down! He just like hero Donald Tromp!”

I’m glad we’re finally cracking down on the number one threat to black people: Bernie Sanders.

Difference between Democrats and Republicans:
Republicans are working really hard to stop the horrible person who is their frontrunner.

You don’t need to be politically correct, but it helps to be correct about something.
Also, go watch The Kronies!

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