Friday, October 11, 2013

is "tantra" the plural of "tantrum"?

here are some of the less profane items about president hussein found on iowahawk's twitter page:
Are you President of the US, or a 7 year old having a meltdown after not getting their allowance raised?

Please lecture us more about "overheated rhetoric," Poindexter.

You know who had awesome poll numbers? Every Detroit politician since 1960.

Difference between Obamacare and a time share condo sales pitch? Time share condo salesmen can't arrest you for not buying.

I hope the Obamacare website gets fixed soon, so I can laugh at more idiots discovering they actually have to pay for it.

10 PRINT HappyPeople.jpg
20 PRINT "What is your name?"
40 PRINT "Send $2500" A
50 GOTO 40

Let's hope the drones aren't programmed by the same people who wrote the Obamacare website

How many essential government employees does it take to put steel barricades around a light bulb?

See these orange cones? Every single one is the President's middle finger pointed at you.

So when does the White House scramble fighter jets to enforce no-fly zones over National Parks? Airline passengers might peek at them.
found via imao

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