Wednesday, January 16, 2013

made up words

believe it or not, a friend of mine helped me write a perl program to generate words* like the ones dustbury found in his spam folder - so i had at least as much fun coming up with some definitions for them as he did:
  • "viscent" - n. - a small coin minted in honor of a viscount.
  • "simposconcia" - n. - the practice of electing morons to positions of leadership.
  • "gramazing" - adj. - in a manner that elicits wonder in cows.
  • "reextruch" - v. - a medical term for the action of giving yourself leg cramps
  • "matempendully" - adj. - in a manner similar to the flabby upper arms of a maternal ancestor.
  • "recroutratess" - n. - a woman who serves seconds at a german restaurant.
and two of them are proper names.
  • "disgroonesset" is the name of a massachusetts island, derived from the algonquin words for "fever and vomiting".
  • "squero" is a vehicle produced by a pontiac-scion joint venture.

* as a phonotactic experiment related to conlangs, not for spam.


Anonymous said...

Reextruch - after last Pilates I know exactly what it means!

The Local Malcontent said...

I'm gramazed at your nanbell skills, hatless~!

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

creakypavillion: take two advelnes and you'll feel fine after a short jurinap.

l.m.: thanks, and glad you haven't totally redisappeared.

;) 2x