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those who forget history

...are doomed to vote democrat.

copy-pasted from the freerepublic archives (which was copy-pasted from a long-lost previous source), this four-year-old list needs to be updated:


*indicates sex scandal,
** indicates sexual assault/rape/murder

Current office holders:
Lee Alexander, Syracuse Mayor: racketeering and tax evasion
Hillary Clinton: unidicted bribe taker
Christopher Dodd: $50,000 bagman for John Huang, blamed it on Don Fowler.
Robert Filner, US Rep, CA: Assault and battery on United Airlines employee at Dulles Intn'l
*Barney Frank: unindicted child whoremonger
Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas mayor: bribes, telling fourth graders to bring gin if they are stuck on island
Diane Gordon: New York City Council, convicted of taking bribes
Alcee Hastings: impeached and convicted judge/representative
William Jefferson: has he been indicted yet?
**Ted Kennedy: unindicted murderer
Pat Kennedy: unindicted (censored) drunk
Robert Menendez: unindicted bribe taker
Kwame Kilpatrick: Detroit Mayor, perjury, obstruction of justice, fired police chief for investigating his mayoral personage.
Jack Murtha: unidicted bribe taker
Ray Nagin: say, Ray, what really happened to that $250,000,000 ya got from the Corps of Engineers to fix the dike? Didja think they meant dyke?
Harry Reid: unidicted bribe taker
Ed Rendell: unidicted bribe solicitor
Gary Siplin, FL State Senator: grand theft conviction- props for being different, still in office because stupid Florida Supreme Court allows convicted felons to stay in office until their case is appealed.
Thomas Wright: NC house, six count indictment for fraud/obstructing justice, pending trial and removal from office.

Former office holders:
**Sen. Brock Adams: rape
Frank Ballance: mail fraud, money laundering
Rep. Marrio Biaggi: Wedtech. illegal use of minority no bid contracting, bribes
*Marion Barry: is he still out of office, or is he back again?
Jim Black: NC Speaker of the house, five years for accepting bribes
Kathryn Bowers, State Sen.: bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
Daniel Baugh Brewster: illegal gratuities
Brian Burke, felony and misdemeanor pleas
Albert G. Bustamante: racketeering, bribery
Robert Byrd: KKK member
John A. Celona: racketeering, mail fraud
Warren Christopher, Secretary of State: fired James C. Woods for suggesting that $5,300,000 missing from AIT visa fund was spent on sexual favors and John Huang.
Chuck Chvala, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader: using state employees to do political work and to illegally funneling money to a state Senate campaign. (19 other counts were dropped and Chvala served no time.)
*Henry Cisneros: lying to FBI about $250,000 hush money to mistress
William Lacy Clay, Sr.: ethics charges, house banking scandal
**Bill Clinton: unindicted bribe taker, malfeasance, seller of military secrets to foreign governments, perjurer, rapist
Tony Coelho: bond market and stock market defrauder
Jerry Cosentino, state treasurer: bank fraud (seriously)
William Cotton, County Committeeman: bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
**Gary Condit: murder
Alan Cranston: Keating five (funny how Keating, a republican, seemed to know to bribe democrats)
George Crockett, Jr.: contempt of court for defending communist on trial for advocating the overthrow of the government
Ward Crutchfield, State Sen. : bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
Gloria Davis, Bronx Assembly: bribery
Dennis DeConcini: Keating five
Charles Coles Diggs, Jr.: mail fraud
Roscoe Dixon, State Sen.: bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
Thomas Joseph Dodd: (daddy Dodd) $116,000 in campaign funds diverted for personal use
Edwin Edwards, Governor LA: $400,000 extortion
Angelo Errichetti, Camden Mayor: Abscam
Daniel Flood: payoffs
John N. Ford, State Sen.: bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
Cornelius Edward Gallagher: tax evasion, conspiracy, perjury
Former Rep. Robert Garcia: Wedtech
**David Giles: child rape
Former Sen. John Glenn: Keating five
**Neil Goldschmidt, Oregon governor: confessed child molester
Al Gore: unindicted bribe taker
James C. Green, NC state rep: tax evasion
Roger L. Green, Brroklyn Assembly: phony travel reimbursements
David Hall: extortion and conspiracy
Richard T. Hanna D CA: accepted bribes from South Korean government
John Doug Hays, KY senate: mail fraud
*Rep. Wayne Hays, traded secretary job for blow job
Alan G, Hevesi, Comptroller NY: $172,000 use of state police to drive his wife around
*Dario Herrera, Clark County NV Commisioner, congressional candidate: bribes, G string trial, lap dances, oral sex for votes
*Allan Turner Howe: soliciting prostitution
Carroll Hubbard, Jr.: conspiracy to defraud FEC, theft of government property
Webster Hubbell, AK Supreme Court Chief Justice: mail fraud, tax evasion
*Sen. Daniel Inouye, accused of sexual harrassment
*Ralph Inzunza, San Diego Council: G string trial, bribes for changing the city strip club laws
Sharpe James, Mayor of Newark, N.J.: unindicted you name it
Harry P. Jannotti Philadelphia City Council, Abscam
Former Rep. John Jenrette: Abscam
Bolley Johnson, FL Speaker of the House: tax evasion
Louis C. Johanson, Philadelphia City Council, Abscam
Guy Hamilton Jones, Sr., AK state senate: IRS charges
*Erin Kenny, Clark County NV Commisioner, candidate for Lt Gov: G string trial, cash bribes
*Mary Kincaid-Chauncey Clark County NV Commissioner: G string trial, campaign $$$
Joseph Kolter: embezzlement
**David Lanier, Judge: eight counts of sexual assault (not harassment)
Raymond Lederer: Abscam
Nicholas Mavroules: plead guilty to 15 corruption counts
*Lance Malone, Clark County NV Commissioner: G string trial, cash bribes, wire fraud, extortion
Leo McCarthy: unindicted bribe solicitor
William McCuen, AK Secretary of State: kickbacks, tax evasion, embezzling
Jim McDermott: "willful and knowing misconduct" that "rises to the level of malice".
Jim McGreevey: unindicted bribe taker
Cynthia McKinney: battery on US Capitol Police officer at security check
Edward Mezvinsky: 56 federal fraud charges. One more and he could marry John Kerry
John Michael Murphy: Abscam
Michael Myers: Abscam
Mary Rose Oakar: House banking scandal, pled to campaign violations
Otto Ernest Passman D. LA: accepted bribes from South Korean government, prosecution declined due to age
Carl Christopher Perkins: house banking scandal, overdrawn $300,000
**Mel Reynolds, D-IL child rapist pardoned by Clinton
**Fred Richmond, soliciting from a 16 year old
Don Riegle: Keating five
George Rogers, MA State Sen.: bribery
Dan Rostenkowski: chairman of the House Ways and Means committee House post office scandal
Bobby Lee Rush: black panther, weapons charges
**Gus Savage, fondling peace corps volunteer
George X. Schwartz, Philadelphia City Council, Abscam
Don Siegleman (former Alabama Governor): bribes
Lawrence Jack Smith: tax evasion
*Eliot Spitzer (former New York Governor): soliciting prostitution, Mann Act
*Jerry Springer: soliciting prostitution
**Gerry Studds: unindicted child rapist
*Lena Swanson, WA State Senate: she gets an asterisk for screwing veterans and POWs
Herman Talmadge: bribery, overcoat full of cash
Frank Thompson: Abscam
Robert Toricelli: unindicted mafia tool and bribe taker
James Traficant D. OH: bribes, racketeering, use of staff for personal benefit
James Guy Tucker, Jr.: fraud, Whitewater
Walter Rayford Tucker: extortion, tax evasion
*Joseph Waggonner Jr.: soliciting prostitution
David Lee Walters, OK Governor: election law violations
Maxine Waters: about $1,000,000 in nepotism (I ain no nepoti'm, donchu call me no nepoti'm!)
**Daniel James White, San Francisco Supervisor: murder, and the reason Dianne Feinstein has a carry permit and you don't
Sen. Harrison A. Williams: Abscam
Calvin Williams, County Administrator: bribery, "Tennessee Waltz,"
Jim Wright, former Speaker of the House : $145,000 'gift'
*John Young, sexual harassment of staffer
*Michael Zucchet, San Diego Council, interim mayor: G string trial, bribes for changing the strip club laws

Miscelleaneous democrat criminals:
Bruce Babbitt, Interior Secretary: lied to congress about Indian casino bribes
Sandy Berger: Clinton aide, theft and destruction of classified and incriminating documents
*Natale Bellochi: $5,300,000 goes missing from the US operated American Institute in Taiwan. James C. Woods is fired for claiming that it was spent on sexual favors and John Huang.
Ron Brown: fraud, conspiracy
Billy Carter: Libyan agent
David Chang: illegal fundraising
Golan Cipel: made NJ Homeland Security advisor because of gay affair with Jim McGreevy, possible Israeli spy
Democratic National committee: $719,000 fine for campaign violations
**Brian Doyle, dem activist child molester
**Ira Einhorn, rape and murder
Michael Espy, Secretary of Agriculture: criminal corruption charges
**John Wayne Gacy, rapist, murderer, democrat fund raiser
*Michael Galardi: G string trial "fund raiser" handed out "$100,000's" of bribes, as well as wire fraud and oral sex, in order to get San Diego and Las Vegas strip club laws changed. Harry Reid 'rebuked' John Ashcroft for using the Patriot Act to catch these people
**Abraham J. Hirschfeld: tampering with witness (Paula Jones), murder
Maria Hsia: illegal fundraising, possible Chinese spy working on Clinton, Gore, Ted Kennedy, Pat Kennedy campaigns
John Huang: arranging $150,000 in illegal campaign contributions
Internal Revenue Service: demanded member list from NRA during one of numerous suspicious tax audits
Mark B. Jimenez - Democrat fund raiser - tax evasion, conspiracy to defraud the United States, election financing offenses
Bert Lance, OMB Director: misuse of government funds
James Lanier, power broker, TN: corruption
Fred Phelps: fundraiser for Al Gore
Edward Fretwell Prichard, Jr., DNC delegate: stuffing the ballot box
Tony Rezko, fundraiser for IL. gov. Blagojevich and Barack Obama: extortion, racketeering
Richard Silberman, various CA offices: laundering drug cartel money, stock fraud
**Michael Skakel, Kennedy, murderer
**William Kennedy Smith, Kennedy, rapist
Lafayette Thomas, Sheriff, TN: 54 counts abuse of power, mail fraud, tax fraud
Paul Ziffren: Capone connection to Chicago and California democrat committees

also, here's an older and shorter list, and here's some recent additions

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