Thursday, November 03, 2011

coining a phrase

the other mccain via dustbury:
hypodrachmaphobia (n)
The fear that somebody else might be making more money than you, triggering a strong urge to covet, followed next by hate and then a compelling need to get a tax law passed that will help redistribute some of that bad, bad capital your way.
there was also a comment there which read:
I have nothing against Michelle Obama on a personal level – nor do I her husband - but the Michelles of the world justify their arrogance and ease their gnawing sense of empty accomplishment by confiscating and redistributing the product of someone else’s labor, innovation or intellect - not for the benefit of the recipient – but because they are angry, frustrated and/or embarrassed that even with their self-anointed superiority the creation of that wealth is beyond their ability to achieve. They, like the reality-show fans, judge their superiority and worth based not on their true accomplishments (or lack thereof) but based on people they presume to be worth less than themselves.

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I was oping by now you would have obtained some Carborundum. Good to be back.